Atlas Polymers was founded on a basic principle – Providing excellent customer service and durable, cost-effective solutions. Throughout its corporate life, Atlas Polymers has always sought to focus on solving the issues close to the heart of any organization; downtime, efficiency decline, equipment replacement costs and profit loss.

While there are a multitude of companies supplying epoxy products, Atlas Polymers differentiates itself by offering and supporting a range of proven, cost-efficient and uniquely formulated systems. In addition, Atlas Polymers specializes in offering custom formulated materials for those instances where an “off-the-shelve” solution is not available. All of Atlas Polymers materials are supported by our technical engineering team, in-house certified NACE Level 3 coating inspectors and research laboratories & personnel.

Our Commitment:

Support, Integrity and Versatility. These are the words that define Atlas Polymers.

Support – This is the core value. Atlas understands that customers grow the most through dedicated support, which in turn, helps Atlas Polymers grow too. Atlas has and will always seek to find and solve customer needs.
Integrity – Ethical and responsible behavior matters to the way Atlas does business. The trust of customers is gained by doing the right thing. Every day Atlas strives to make decisions that are ethical, responsible and pose a win-win situation for all involved.
Versatility – Atlas offers more than just a set of products. Providing customized solutions for unique problems, unresolved by commercially available methods is what we do best. At Atlas Polymers, we embrace an entrepreneurial philosophy that allows for the evolution of our products by rising to the opportunity to take on the toughest challenges in today’s industry.