Atlas HDA-90 is a solution based on sintered, ultra-fine-grain aloxite that results in one of the most cost-effective and wear resistant materials available today. The raw material used to manufacture HDA-90 is exceptionally pure and consistently controlled alpha aluminum oxide.

HDA-90 is specifically designed for abrasion / erosion resistance, inertness towards most chemicals, retention of mechanical / chemical properties at elevated service temperatures (2000ºF). Atlas has extensive experience in the fabrication and field installation of HDA-90 to resistant extreme abrasion / erosion, severe impact and continuous chemical immersion. Our proprietary method of engineering design and installation make HAD-90 a versatile and long-lasting solution to almost any process.
HDA-90 is readily available in many standards sizes, custom engineered designs and quick-turnaround prototype development.


  • Adaptable to any surface

  • Hardness in Moh’s scale of 9 (Diamond is 10)

  • High-grade wear-resistant material

  • Smooth, non-porous finish

  • Chemical inertness

  • Retain chemical / mechanical properties up to 2000ºF

  • Many installation methods depending on operating conditions

    1. Urethane Encapsulation

    2. Steel Alloy Composite Bond

    3. HT Composite and Weld Combination

 Aloxite Percentage: 90%

 Average Crystal Size: 4 Microns

 Water Absorption: 0%

 Flexural Strength: 49,000 psi

 Hardness: 9 Moh’s Scale / 75 Rockwell (45-N)

 Compressive Strength: 360,000 psi